How To Remove Last Name From Your Facebook Account

Are you a Facebook user with tinkering habits? If Yes, then i’m sure you definitely would have considered removing your last name from your Facebook account to stand-out in your friend circle. This is one of the most popular and searched-for Facebook trick.




When creating an account on Facebook, it requires you to enter your full name as part of security check but by using this trick we will create an account without a last name. The trick is to use an Indonesian proxy to create the account as providing a last name is not compulsory there.

How To Remove Last Name From Your Facebook Account :-

  • First of all we need Mozilla Firefox to complete the process, install and open it if you don’t already have.
  • Now goto Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Connection Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration.
  • In the HTTP Proxy Field, enter, port 8080, or use any Indonesian Proxy.
  • Then Change your language in your Facebook profile by going to Account Settings -> Change language to BAHASA INDONESIA.
  • Now just you need to remove your middle and last name.
  • And it’s done, you’ve successfully removed the last name from your Facebook profile.

Did you know any other method to remove last name from a Facebook profile, do mention in the comments below.

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