How To Enlarge Locked Facebook Profile Picture

We all love to surf through facebook finding new friends but have you ever encountered a profile picture which could not be clicked to view in full resolution, i.e ‘locked’. This means that the user of that profile has restricted anyone or certain persons from viewing his/her profile picture.

You are reading this tutorial so i’m assuming you want to view someone’s D. P. (display picture or profile picture) in full resolution. If that’s true then you are in luck because it’s a very simple process, just follow these simple steps :
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How To Enlarge Locked Facebook Profile Picture :-

  • Log-in to Facebook.
  • Then navigate to the profile of the user whose D.P. you want to view.
  • Now Right-Click on his profile picture and select ‘Open image in New Tab’.
  • A new tab will open, but the image is still in small size, don’t worry carry on.
  • Take a look at the url of the new tab, it will be something like this :

  • Now what you have to do is just remove the following part from the url :


  • It will look something like this :

  • Now you just have to press Enter and you will be presented with the profile picture in full resolution.
**Seems like Facebook has fixed the bug, the trick is obsolete now. 🙁
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