How To Activate Windows 7 Without Any Key Or Software



So, you’re installing Windows 7 on your PC – completed the whole process just to find out that you don’t have the key to activate it. What will you do in this case? If purchasing a new license is not an option then this post is definitely for you – keep reading.




In this post i’m going to show you a nice little trick that will activate your Windows forever without any software or tool.

If you don’t know, Let me tell you – Windows 7 provides a free 30-day trial for those who don’t have key or who are just trying it as a demo. In this tutorial we are going to leverage this option to activate our Windows indefinitely.
Follow These Simple Steps :-
  • First of all, open any text editor – like notepad.
  • Then type this command in it :


  • Save this file as Activate.bat (Note : The extension must be .bat for this to work)
  • This step is the most important one, Now copy this newly created file to the Startup folder which you can find in the Start Menu.
  • Just restart your computer and your Windows 7 will be activated.

Explaination :-

What we have done here is created a file which when run will activate Windows for 30 days and by copying the file to the startup folder it will get executed every time you restart your PC. In this way you will get your Windows 7 activated without any illegal method or software.
If you know any other easy way or have something to say about the article – Let us know in the comments.

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