How Not To Get Penalized By Google : Post Pigeon & Panda Updates

In today’s world if you want your website to get decent organic traffic then you must surrender to the rules and regulations of the almighty GOOGLE.

Google ranks and indexes websites on the basis of various factors like keyword density, meta tags, no. of inbound links and many more. The specifics are not known to anyone other than Google itself but the algorithm it uses keeps on updating from time to time.
Major Algorithm Updates In 2014 :

Panda 4.0 – May 19, 2014 :-
A complete update to algorithm as well as a data refresh.
Pigeon – July 24, 2014 :-
Google shook the local SEO world with an update that dramatically altered some local results and modified how they handle and interpret location cues. It claimed that Pigeon created closer ties between the local algorithm and core algorithm(s).

HTTPS/SSL Update – August 6, 2014 :-

With this update, Google announced that they would be giving a slight boost and preference to secure sites in ranking.
Authorship Removal – August 28, 2014 :-
Google completely removed authorship markup’s from search results after this update.
So How Not Too Get Penalized :
Avoid Violations Of Terms/Conditions :-
Google takes violations of it’s terms and conditions very seriously and would penalize your website before you know it. Try to avoid it at all costs and don’t think of outsmarting the system as they have got Zettabytes of data to compare to your little tricks.
A ‘Big No’ To Keyword Stuffing :-
Do not stuff keywords into the content of your site, try to use them as naturally as possible. A keyword density of 1.5% – 2.0% is considered good practice.
Quality Backlinks :-
Backlinks from unreliable or spammy sites could get your website penalized in no-time, avoid them at all costs.
Promote With Social Media :-
According to Google, there is no limit to promotion on social media. Create accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc..
Guest Posting :-
You can guest post on several forums and blogs which in turn will give you backlinks and decent referral traffic to your blog or website. Google doesn’t penalizes this practice.
Conclusion :-
Hope the information provided here could be of help to the readers. Follow the above mentioned methods before trying anything else and don’t pay the so called S.E.O. agencies for increasing your backlink count and optimization as it would be seem inorganic to search engines.
Wait patiently and let your site grow gradually and slowly.
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