Hide Data Behind Images

Hide Data Behind Images Without Using Any Software :-


In the following tutorial i will show you how you can hide data behind images without using any exotic software.

  • Create a folder in your C drive and name it “hide”.
  • Now you can put anything and everything you want to hide in this folder.
  • After putting everything you want to hide in the “hide” folder, Right click on it and click “Add to hide.rar”  or “Add to archive” and create a “.rar” file.
  • Now you need to open up the command prompt and change to the working directory, which is C in our case. Type cd
  • Also put an image in the same directory as of the “.rar” file.
  • Now type copy /b image.jpg + hide.rar output.jpg
Here image.jpg is the image file which going to be used as camouflage, hide.rar is the rar file you created and output.jpg is the output file which will be created.
After these steps we will get an output file which will open as a normal image but will also contain the data of the rar file we created.
To access the data of the rar file, Right click on the output file and select “Open with => WinRar”
Now you can Enjoy your little secret.

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