Google Launches The Latest Android : Android Lollipop



Google has finally unveiled the latest (Android Version 5.0) and the 13th major release to it’s popular smartphone operating system : Android L or Android Lollipop. This new update features a revamped visual design called the ‘material design’ which uses moving icons and size shifting fonts. One of the most stand-out thing this update will bring would be it’s ability to run efficiently on phones even with 512 MB of RAM. Older versions were clearly more memory exhaustive.

With Android Lollipop Google also launched three new devices – The Nexus 6 with Motorola, Nexus 9 Tablet with HTC and a new Set-Top Box with Taiwan based firm ASUS.

With these 3 new devices Google attempts to unify users Android devices. While revealing these new devices, Google’s Vice-President Sundar Pichai didn’t held-off a sarcastic comment to Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ , “We aren’t only trying to ship two products, We are trying to enable thousands of products at the same time.”


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