Extract E-mails From A Website

Let’s say you want to extract e-mails from a website, legitimate or legal reason could be that you want e-mail addresses of persons from a website who you want to contact from a website.

There could be illegal uses also like if someone wants to hack the site he can extract all e-mails from the domain and try to hack these e-mail id’s to create a gateway into the site.


Extract E-mails From A Website


How To Extract E-mails From A Website :-

Requirements :-

  • A linux distribution preferably ‘Kali Linux‘.

The Process :-

We will be extracting e-mails with the help of  a module in the Metasploit Framework, Search Engine Domain Email Address Collector’. This module will use the top three search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo to create a list of e-mails from a domain.

So Let’s Get To It :-

  • Fire up the terminal and start up metasploit by typing : msfconsole.
  • Now let’s search the module by typing ‘search collector‘.
  • Type ‘use auxiliary/gather/search_email_collector to use the auxiliary’.
  • In this step we are going to set the target domain to use, type ‘set domain your-site.com.
  • Almost done now, just type ‘exploit‘ and e-mail addresses will start to show up.

That was all you needed to do to extract emails from a website. Enjoy..!!

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