Don’t Let This New Algorithm Update From Google Affect Your Site’s Traffic

As Neil Patel of Quicksprout is saying “Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down” with this new update from Google. With this new algorithm update Google is literally pushing webmasters to make their site’s more mobile platform friendly.

The unusual thing about this update is that Google is letting everyone know before hand what changes the update will bring. According to them, it will be much bigger than their ‘Panda’ update.

So What Google Is Upto With This Update :

In layman terms, this update will encourage webmasters to make their site’s more friendly so that they don’t loose traffic. As a large chunk of user base is on mobile devices so it’s natural for Google to make ‘Mobile Friendliness’ as a ranking factor.

Google is going to update their algorithm again, and if you’re on the wrong side of the law you might lose a lot of traffic.

The update will be in effect from 21’st of April and you should try to be as ready for it as possible if you don’t want your mobile traffic to drop.

Changes Needed :

Responsive Design :-

Your website design should be responsive so that it doesn’t hamper view-ability across multiple platforms. Don’t go with a separate site solution for mobile devices as they are hectic to maintain and responsive design does the job more easily.

Speed-It-Up :-

Site-Speed has became a major ranking factor recently so it is more than necessary to speed up your website to be in the good graces of Google almighty. Whether you are targeting desktop or mobile traffic or both your site must be considerably faster, means no more that 2.5 to 3.0 seconds loading time.

You can use this guide to optimize your website for speed.

Conclusion :-

So, as many experts are suggesting – don’t wait for this update to hit your rankings make the changes before-hand. If you’re thinking about making these changes after 21st of April then you will be in trouble as Google will need sometime to crawl your site and making necessary updates to it’s index…#Don’tWait

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