Reveal The Passwords Hidden Behind Asteriks

Many of use the ‘Password Remember’ feature of modern day browsers to remember the passwords of the site’s which we frequently visit. Why shouldn’t we? It makes browsing so much convenient that we can sign-in for websites with just a single click.


But there are also some drawbacks, as you have not actually typed your password for a while you may forget it which will result in a lot of hassle if you need to open the same account from anywhere else.

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Also, as an added security layer all browsers masks the typed passwords with asteriks or small dots making it impossible for a person standing nearby to look over your shoulder to see the password.

Assume that you are on G-mail login page and the user-id and password is automatically filled by the browser but you don’t remember the password, what you should do now in this case? Well in this post i’m going to introduce you to a little trick that will reveal the password hidden behind the asteriks without the help of any application or browser add-ons.




Revealing The Passwords Hidden Behind Asteriks :-

  • First of all, right click on the password field where the password is already typed but hidden.
  • Select the option ‘Inspect Element’
  • Now Document Inspection Window will open highlighting a line like this :
  • <input type=’password’
  • What you should do now is just replace the term ‘password’ in the above line with ‘text’ like this :
  • <input type=’text’
  • After following the above instructions as soon as you press Enter the password which was hidden will now be shown in plaintext.

Cool right.!! Now you can use this trick to get all the passwords which you’ve forgotten but your browsers remembers.


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Recover Lost Or Deleted Files Using Recuva

So, you’ve accidently deleted your important files and now cursing yourself, don’t worry all is not gone yet. You could still recover your files with a bit of luck and a nice piece of software named RECUVA by Piriform.


Steps To Follow :-
If the files which are lost are on an external media then DO NOT WRITE DATA on it as it could overwrite the previous files and recovery would be very difficult.


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  • First and foremost, download and install Recuva from here.
  • Now launch the program and select the type of file you want to recover and start the search.
  • If the program doesn’t finds your files at first go for the DEEP SEARCH.
  • **Recuva results are color coded which means :- 
  • Red = Unrecoverable
  • Yellow = Very Poor
  • Green = Recoverable
  • Now the wizard will show you the results it has found, just select the file and restore it on media other than the one from which it is recovered.