How To Relax Your Tired Eyes Caused By Your PC

If you’re like me and spend most part of your day sitting behind a screen then you also must be suffering from tired red eyes which at the end of the day can also cause headache’s. So, to continue working without causing any permanent damage to your eyes and relax them you should follow this trick which i found on a blog post written by Amit Agarwal( ).According to doctor’s, while looking at the computer screen we should always remember to blink otherwise we will get dry eyes which in turn will cause redness and eye strain.




So this trick is called the 20-20-20 rule. According to this rule while working on a computer you should look at an object every 20 minutes for 20 seconds which is 20 feet away.

As it is not easy to remember this while working, you can also easily take advantage of a windows utility called EyeDefender. It runs in the background and will show an visual training program after a fixed interval for strained eyes. In this, you’re supposed to follow the pointer around the screen which will relax your eyes.

For reviews of other related apps for eye relaxation you can read the full blog post by Amit Agarwal here.

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6 Sure Ways To Get Your Newly Launched Site Recognized By Search Engines Quickly



You’ve launched a new site, S.E.O. optimized it and waiting for the search engines to index it so that you can get organic traffic. Search Engines could take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to completely crawl and index a new website. If your site is a blog on any pre-established platform like Blogger, WordPress etc then it can be indexed in less than 3 months but most new bloggers loose hope by then and quit blogging. You don’t want that do you?

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So, how to get your new site recognized quickly by search engines. Just follow the tips mentioned below and you would be indexed in no time.

  • First Create Yahoo Group on the niche your site is all about.
  • You can create a ‘lens’ for your site Squidoo.
  • Submit your site to search engine friendly directories like (it’s worth it).
  • There is no other best way to publicize your brand other than share media sites like Reddit, Digg, NowPublic etc.
  • You can also advertise your site on Craigslist, it’s free, relevent and localized.
These were the tips which i used to get my site indexed in less than a month, you can also try them and provide feedback in the comments section on how it worked out for you.

Huge List Of 100+ High PageRank Do-Follow CommentLuv Blogs

If you are a serious blogger, you would surely be knowing the importance of link building. Getting backlinks can help your blog in more than one way, like – Increasing Traffic, Improving Search Engine Ranking etc.

Trying to build a net of high quality backlinks for your blog is a pain and most bloggers couldn’t improve their search engine rankings and quit even before 3 months but there is an easy way too. You probably would have heard of ‘Commenting For Backlinks’.
Commenting on other high pagerank blogs could easily provide you with a high quality backlink which in turn would provide Massive Traffic and Page Rank Juice. But there is a catch, most blogs have comments section defined as ‘Nofollow’ which means Search Engine Spiders won’t be following the mentioned link and the link will be not good for increasing pagerank of your blog.
To get around this problem, i have created this list of high page rank blogs whose comments section is ‘Do-Follow’. The list contains pages from PR2 – PR6. Make sure your comment is long enough and unique so that it doesn’t look like spam.
List Of High PageRank Do-Follow CommentLuv Blogs :-
http://blondish. net
Some of these blogs would have comments moderation enabled, so make sure you post a good comment related to the article.
So, what are you waiting for – Go and start building your backlinks right away.

Why Most Bloggers Fail Within 3 Months

Blogging industry is booming at quite a fast pace. At present, there are approximate 164 million blogs and growing. Starting a new blog is very easy but getting it some recognition (Optimizing Search Engine Ranking) is what at most new bloggers fail and finally quit.


Nowadays, many teens are starting blogs just for the purpose of earning money without any ideas or plans in their mind.

Platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr have made starting a blog on any niche a child’s play, this is the reason why blogging industry is getting spammed in a way.

In this post i’m going to discuss some points why most newbie bloggers fail within 3 months of starting.

Lack Of Writing Skills :-
If you’ve started a blog and doesn’t know how to write your articles to keep your readers interested then you may suffer big time. Blogging is all about writing content that you know into your own words. Writing posts after posts without paying attention to your writing skills will not get you anywhere.

If we talk about myself, when i started blogging I made huge mistakes and didn’t knew in which tone to write, but now (not that i’m a great one now) i make fewer mistakes compared to earlier.

But don’t think that it’s the game of only top class writers, most online successful bloggers were not writers by profession. So start learning and practicing.

Lack Of Motivation :-
The formula for success, not only in blogging but in any field is to Never Give Up. 

Most bloggers loose motivation and quit. Avoiding something is easier than getting it done, so they just quit because they think that it’s too tough a job and they can’t do it.

According to a survey, most rookie bloggers quit blogging within 90 days of writing their first blog post.

Lack Of Knowledge :-
Most people start blogging without proper knowledge about the niche they are going to blog on. If you don’t know enough about the subject you are writing on then how can you tell anyone about it.

Little Knowledge Is An Open Invitation To A Disaster.

Always research about the subject you are going to blog on, which will not only ensure your success in the long run but will also convert your ordinary readers into subscribers there by increasing traffic immensely.

Lack Of Consistency :-
Lots of newbie bloggers, when starting a blog would be very enthusiastic about writing articles and publishing new one’s day-in day-out but soon their consistency percentage drops dramatically because they don’t get enough traffic to content ratio.

Note :- You won’t get huge traffic just by starting a blog and writing content.

I’m not asking you to publish a new post every day but two posts per week is more than enough.

So, don’t loose your consistency and you will start seeing gains in your traffic once search engines crawl and index your pages.

Lack Of Revenue :-
Most bloggers start blogging just only for the reason of monetising it. But when they couldn’t they loose hope and quit.

Note that making money online is one of the toughest jobs and to make money from your blog you have to keep going at it for atleast 6 months before even thinking about your first paycheck, which would again be not more than coffee money but once you start getting regular organic traffic the earnings will rise.

So, if you don’t start making money right away, don’t get disheartened and loose hope, You will Soon.

Final Words :-
At the end, i would like to say that if you are a blogger who have just started blogging then you must have faced these issues at some point so it’s time to refine them.

Try not to quit and take your blogging career to new heights.

How To Make Money Fast Through Google Adsense

In this tutorial i will show you how you can increase your Google Adsense earning by following simple/basic steps which most newbie bloggers overlook.


Note :- If you don’t know ‘What Google Adsense Is’ or ‘How To Monetize Your Blog’, visit the post i’ve published a while back.

What Is Google Adsense ?

 How To Monetize Your Blog


Earning through Google Adsense is what every blogger is concerned about (apart from blogging obviously) nowadays but because of Google’s ever changing search engine algorithms and lack of SEO knowledge of the blogger, not everyone can earn huge money through Adsense.

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So, if you want to increase your CPC then follow these simple steps :-


  • First and foremost thing is NO COPY/PASTE, do not copy paste content from any other source.


  • Use a high payable niche before creating a blog.


  • The best still is Google Keyword Research. If your blog has high CTR (Click Through Rate) but still getting low CPC (Cost Per Click) then your website lacks good high paying keywords.


  • Interlink your post, means you should always give link of related older posts on your new ones. This helps google to index your blog posts fast and also improve your CTR.


  • Your Ad’s should be placed on the most view-able areas which does not affect your posts readablity but also provide enough exposure to themselves.


By following these simple steps you would start seeing the effect on your CPC’s and on your money wallet.

How To Monetize (Earn Money) From Your Blog

Ok you have created a nice blog which is getting handsome traffic. So how to convert this traffic into hard (money) cash ? You can utilise different approaches to earning money through blogging but in this tutorial we will concentrate on “Direct Advertising Sales (Banner & Text)”.

Direct Advertising Sales (Banner & Text) :-

This is the most easiest way to monetize your blog provided you have a good traffic. Under this method, you place ads on your blog which could be banners or in-text which if clicked by users will give a certain percentage of money to you.
There are many programs which are offering these types of ads for blogs publishers.
Some of the best of them (which i also use) are :-
Google Adsense :-
Google Adsense is the world’s largest advertising program for online publishers. It is the highest paying advertising network your blog can get. But getting approved by google is one of the most difficult tasks faced by publishers while monetizing their blogs. If you also have difficulties getting an approved Google Adsense account, you can read my post on “How To Get Approved Google Adsenese Account In Less Than An Hour”
If for some reason, you can’t get an approved Google Adsense account, there are some alternatives to it which also pays handsomely, they are :-
InfoLinks :-
                    Infolinks is also an online advertising platform which offers InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText, which were designed to overcome banner blindness. It analyzes text on websites, inserts adverts in the text and pays money handsomely.
Chitika :-
                   It is also one of the high paying campaigns which offer ad solutions based on the content of the page the user is on.
PopAds :-
                   It is not the conventional banner or in-text ads, it provides pop-up or pop-under ads for which it pays handsomely.
Now you know what to do to earn money from your blog….run and get some hard green cash in pockets. Enjoy..!!

Optimizing Blogger’s Blog Title For Higher Search Engine Ranking

This optimization is known as Blogger Title Swapping. It can help boost the position of your posts in search engines much higher. From S.E.O’s perspective a blog title is the most important element in determining the ranking of your posts in search engines.

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By taking a look at your title bar of any of your posts, you will notice that blogger by default puts your blog name first then the name of your post, so the page will be displayed as :


After swapping the blog title, it will appear like this :


The reason why you should put your post name at the beginning is because users are more likely to search for specific post content rather than the name of your blog. So having the post titles at the beginning increases your chances of being found in search engines.

How To Optimize Blogger Post Title :-

  • Click on the Code area and press CTRL + F, to open the search box.
  • Now search for this code fragment :-
  • Now replace the above code with this :-
        <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title>
  • Click on Save Template and your blog title is optimized.
The next time your blog is crawled by any of the search engines, it will be placed higher than before. Enjoy..!!