How To Add Or Remove Write-Protection From USB Flash Drives



Many of has faced this problem once in our computing life but sometimes a need arises to write-protect our USB drives so that the data stored on it cannot be modified in anyway. In this post we will discuss how to edit Windows Registry to disable ‘Write or Delete’ feature on storage devices.

Note :- This trick will only enable write-protection on the computer it’s done.

Most of the new flash drives comes with a physical flip-switch which will enable/disable write-protection, we could use that but if the switch is not present then follow the steps below.

Enable Write-Protection :-

  • First of all, open Registry Editor by clicking on START -> RUN and type ‘regedit‘.
  • Then navigate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\
  • Now, create a new key by right clicking on ‘Control‘ -> New and name it ‘StorageDevicePolicies’
  • Under this newly created key, create a ‘DWORD’ 32 bit value and give it the name ‘WriteProtect‘.
  • We are almost done, Just double click on this new value and change it to 1.

Disable Write-Protection :-

To disable write-protection which we activated earlier, we have to :

  • Double click on the ‘DWORD’ value which we created.
  • Change the value in it to ‘0’ (zero).

That’s it. Now i hope you know how to enable or disable write-protection according to your needs.



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