About Me


Hey there.! My name is Om Singh ( Tricky-Clouds Admin ).

Welcome to Tricky-Clouds ‘About Us’ page. Thanks for taking interest in me and my blog 😛 .

I am a part-time blogger from U.P, India. I like to write about Computers ( Mobile Apps, Game-Mods, Hacking, Softwares etc.) on this blog. I’m a rookie at blogging and have just started it with a view to share tips and tricks on technology.

This blog was opened to share the things i learned or is learning.

About Trick-Clouds :-

Tricky-Clouds is a tutorial blog focused on following topics :

  • Tips and Tricks (Computers)
  • Hacking or Cracking ( Legal OfCourse )
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • S.E.O.
  • Programming Tips
  • Game Mods
  • Mobile Apps, etc.

Disclaimer :-

Before following any of the tutorial on this blog, please know that you do so at your own risk, this blog or it’s owner will not be liable for any loss which may occur by your actions. If you have any complain/feedback you can link back to us by visiting our “Contact Us” page.