6 Reasons Why I Migrated From Blogger To WordPress

When I started blogging earlier this year, I’ve also made the same stupid mistake that many of us make while starting which is creating a blog on BLOGGER rather than WORDPRESS.




Blogger is no doubt a huge successful blogging platform but it doesn’t give you full control over your site. For a newbie who is just starting, it is enough but as you grow in the industry you will feel the need of complete control. Also the Blogger blogs are free to create whereas WordPress requires you to purchase domain name and hosting.

*Discussion is based around ‘wordpress.org’ not ‘wordpress.com’.

But if you are serious about blogging then the money you will spend on domain and hosting will reap you benefits over time. So, in this post i’m going to mention the advantages which forced me to switch to wordpress from blogger.

Benefits Of WordPress :-

Authority : You could build your own identity with wordpress blogs because of the custom domain name rather than ‘blogspot’ subdomain’s offered by blogger.

Support : As wordpress is the largest C. M. S. (Content Management System) it is hugely supported and have lots of features as compared to blogger. Hell, you could get a PLUG-IN for everything.

Control : Unlike blogger, you have full access to your site’s directories and files. A person with little know-how of web languages can transform his blog amazingly.

Speed : One of the biggest factors i considered while migrating my blog was the ‘Site Loading Speed’. This blog when hosted on blogger was very slow and could take somewhere around 10 seconds on low bandwidth connections which was unacceptable. Also i noticed that blogs which are hosted on blogger fall behind on Alexa ranking compared to wordpress blogs even if they have higher traffic.

Indexing : Blogs hosted on wordpress are easier to index compared to bloggers which in-turn will provide increased organic traffic.

Unlimited Pages : As the site is your’s in wordpress, you could create as many standalone pages as you want which is limited to a total of 10 if you are using Blogger.

These were the reasons which affected me enough to made the move which i’m certainly not regretting. Things are little crazy for me at the start with wordpress as like everything but will smoothen-out once i get friendlier with this platform.

If you are also looking to migrate then i hope these points will help making up your mind.

Got anymore suggestions as to why one should move to wordpress then do leave a comment so everyone can benefit from it.


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