5 Places To Share Your Killer Quality Content For Insane Traffic

If you’ve finished writing a killer quality article and waiting for the traffic to come organically then let me be the bearer of bad news, You’re Doing It Wrong..!! Writing quality article alone doesn’t guarantee that it will rank high on search engines, though half of the work is done but the remaining half is much harder as compared to writing quality content.


Thousands of bloggers churn out millions of quality articles daily which don’t get ranked well just because of one single reason which is they don’t know how to promote it well enough among their targeted audience. For an article to rank well in search engines, the author must optimize it using On & Off page S.E.O. techniques. As the search engines are getting smarter by regularly updating their indexing algorithms, they are also taking social reach of an article into consideration for ranking. If a post is actively shared or liked in social media it sends a much positive signal to search engines than just the quality of content.

So now the question arises Where To Share Your Killer Quality Content For Insane Traffic ? If you don’t know the answer to this question then this post is going to help you immensely, here i have listed some of the biggest social media sites which you can use to get thousands of targeted traffic to your blog in a very short span of time.

5 Awesome Places To Promote Your Quality Content :-


A social media place which categorizes user generated links in sub-reddits based on their category. It is also called as the front-page of the internet. After a link is posted, users can vote-up or down if they like the post or not which in-turn decides the position of the link on the page. It is one of the biggest traffic source for this blog and also my favorite social platform.

You cannot realize the insane amount of traffic it can send to your site until you use it. I submitted a very casually written article on How To Find Bugs In A Website to one of it’s sub-reddits and what i’ve got was near about 11,000 views from targeted users in a day. So you can just assume what a nice in-depth article would bring. In my suggestion if you have a nice article then you must submit it to REDDIT but do not spam as it follows one of the most strict policy against spammers and can ban you in minutes.

StumbleUpon :

StumbleUpon – a content curation website, it is one of the oldest and popular social bookmarking site. You just need to create an account and share your article with right tags, and description and wait. If your article is found and liked by users it will be added to it’s index.

It works in this way – after you submit your url it is showed to a limited number of users and if it is liked and up-voted then it is added to it’s index but if not it will be dropped. Some 7 months ago i submitted an article on Top 50 Hacking Tools but didn’t got any traffic but last month a user with only 90+ likes found my article and up-voted it and since then i got around 20,500+ views on that article alone and it’s been liked by some 1700 stumblers. Getting traffic from StumbleUpon could take some time but the wait is totally worth it.

Google+ :

Yes Google+, many of us don’t realize the affect Google+ can have on our posts ranking in search engines especially Google. Though there is no official word whether it affects search rankings or not but my research shows that a post which is shared handsomely on Google+ tends to rank higher as compared to articles with shares on other social platforms.

Being a new social media platform it don’t have that much user-base which is why you must use it, as there is less competition your posts can rank higher for more time as compared to other social sites. Google+ communities also offer decent traffic if used correctly. Be careful before posting as some communities only allow discussions and not links, ignoring the rules can get you flagged as a spammer and moderators could ban you.

Facebook :

Creating a Facebook page for any blogger for his brand is a must. With 1.35 Billion users of which 864 million users are regularly active makes Facebook one of the most promising and prominent social media platform for bloggers. It is the top source for referral traffic for many famous bloggers like Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud and Neil Patel of Quicksprout.

Though i’m not a fan of paid advertising but Facebook’s advertising program could feature your content to a wide variety of audience in a fraction of time and cost.

Twitter :

A micro-blogging platform with a nice user-base which can be leveraged to direct traffic to your blog. You can tweet your post link multiple times for maximum exposure but be sure to wait atleast 12 to 15 hours between each tweet. You can also use services like Tweriod to determine which is the optimum time for tweeting your blog link.

So these are some the biggest social platforms which you must utilize after writing your posts. Though there are many more places for blog promotion, following this list is a must for every blogger. Here are some more niche based social-bookmarking websites where you can share your posts.

  • Scoop.It
  • Inbound.org : For SEO, SMO, Blogging and internet marketing related articles.
  • DZone : For Developers
  • DesignFloat : For Web Designers.
  • ManageWP.org : For WordPress related articles.

If there is another source which is working great for you then why don’t you drop a comment and let me know about it. It could be a great addition to the article. Cheers..

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